SaruGeneral was founded in 2014 

Our mission is about delivering rare and sought after sneakers, streetwear and luxury to you in the simplest way possible, offering a stress free way of buying

Rare items? Your grail sneakers at a fraction of retail? A luxury bundle that's ready to be profited on?
We have all that.

We are a store you can rely on for Authenticity, with over 10 years of hands on experience with a plethora of brands, our knowledge on these products is vast. We received messages daily from our customers asking to authenticate products for them, so we have now opened up our authentication services to anyone wanting a their items professionally authenticated.

We provide daily product releases on our Instagram and Whatsapp exclusive, showcasing 20-30 fresh new items that are available to purchase.
Our schedule can be seen here

In addition to our daily drops, we offer inside access to our vault.
We give business owners and aspiring sellers the opportunity to purchase products from us at business rates, aswell as a bunch of other top perks.
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