Stussy x Rolls Royce

Stussy x Rolls Royce

Stussy teases a possible collaboration with luxury car brand Rolls Royce 

so far, no teasers of anything clothing related have surfaced, only a RR front grille with Stussy's signature crown logo mounted to the top of the bonnet, but it's definitely the mark of something to come

Stussy's marketing has always gone above and beyond, and you can always expect something magical with a stussy collab. 

Two notable mentions would be Stussy's 'speedway' editorial in 2018, when they kitted out Evan Clark with a full stussy racecar & racing gear 

& for Stüssy’s summer 2020 collection, Artist and California local Jim Denevan, drew an iconic Stüssy curly “S” in the golden sand of Northern California. Monumental in scale